Contact David

Reasons to contact David

1. Interested in original artwork.

2. To commission an art piece or pieces.

3. Collaboration.

4. Recipe swap.

5. Send compliments.

6. Inquiry for use of work in an upcoming exhibition, group show or public/private collection.

7. You are with The Press.

8. Style tips.

9. Exchange messages about art....or whatever you like–tell David about your favorite sandwich for example.

10. You have a good idea and want to share it with someone who will probably read your message.

Reasons NOT to contact David

1. You have a medical emergency. Please close your browser and call 911.

2. Bail Money.

3. You are looking for someone to clear your house of ghosts like that lady in "Poltergeist."

4. You need help with your homework.

5. You think Qanon is real.

6. Bees

7. You want to talk about sports or sports memorabilia.

8. You own a laser pointer.

9. You have more than 3 cats.

10. Your favorite show was cancelled.

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