Contact Me

Reasons to contact David

1. Interest in an original artwork.

2. Interest in commissioning a new artwork.

3. Interested in collaborating.

4. Want to swap recipes.

5. To send a compliment or bit of inspiration.

6. You wish to include some of Kurtz's work in an upcoming exhibition or collection.

7. To impress your friends.

8. Style tips.

9. You wish to ponder the meaning of life with someone....or just talk about our favorite sandwiches.

10. You have a good idea and want to share it.

Reasons NOT to contact David

1. You have a medical emergency. Please close your browser and call 911.

2. Bail Money.

3. You are looking for someone to clear your house of ghosts like that lady in "Poltergeist."

4. You need help with your homework.

5. You think Qanon is real.

6. Bees

7. You want to talk about sports or sports memorabilia.

8. You own a laser pointer.

9. You have more than 4 cats.

10. Your favorite show got cancelled.

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